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German cross  Fritz Walther's Leuchtpistole German cross

Welcome to a tour through the details and specifications of the

I have gathered up all available information and done a "field study" of Fritz Walther's Leuchtpistole in order to present as much information as possible,
 and once again crack some myths, like the erroneous LP26 and M34 designations!
Credits for help on this project go out to Vidar Andresen for always correcting me, Tom ědemark for mentoring and Greg Baker, the Grand Old Man of flare guns, for keeping my interest in this field fueled for the last three decades!

Please click on the links below to enter each individual field of information. If the link text is grey, the article is not yet published/ready. They will be published as soon as I get them finished. Announcements in regards to this will be posted on Bergflak/Facebook

History of the Leuchtpistole

Construction of the Leuchtpistole

Assembly, disassembly and maintenance

Evolution of the Leuchtpistole

Markings, makers and names of the LP

Accessories for the Leuchtpistole

Ammunition for the Leuchtpistole

Manuals about the Leuchtpistole

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