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Welcome to my homepage! With these pages I hope to bring some new light into the collector world on different subjects that hasn't been described by others before.

This way for the new MG Lafette menu. Click on the MG34 gunner with the MGz34 and Lafette 34 !
I always aim to bring you new info!
What's new?
The last article I publish will always be marked  with  above the photo leading to the article (found below on this page).
All the bigger projects have a sub-menu to cover all the different aspects of the system or weapon described.
The Panzerschreck project is now complete, simply because there are no more mysteries or information that can be found and published (but at the moment it is the most comprehensive collection of information about the Panzerschreck ever collected).

I  have now created a Facebook profile that will enable me to keep track of  what's going on, and what new pieces of information is added where and when.
I also post a lot of special and interesting pictures there that generally can not be found here.
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I have created this homepage to shed some light on different items of WW2 German manufacture where the litterature for collectors today is somewhat lacking in detail.
I will add articles on different subjects as my time permits, so check back again frequently! But remember; I am a collector and not a webmaster (although it was fun making these pages....). I have also got a "For sale" page where I place my "extras" or non-Ebay-friendly items!

New items for sale added 14 November 2023

Some of the subjects have their own sub-menu but choosing "Home" will always bring you back here.
All articles can be started from this page by clicking on the matching photo or text below.


My xmas gift to you! A new article on the Vorsatzfernrohr for the MGZ for the Lafette 34 & 42
Just click on the Lafette article below and check it out!

Wehrmacht colors and paint

Lafette 34 & 42

Fritz Walther's Leuchtpistole 

Stielhandgranate 24 

Petroleumskasten 34

Slings for the Mauser K98 Kurz

A study of the Panzerschreck

MP38 u. 40 transport box

MG34 accessory boxes

Patronentrommel 34

MG34 & MG42 slings

Slings for the MP. 38 u. 40

No such thing as a "free lunch"!? Yes, there is. I just felt that it was time to share my knowledge as a collector for more than 33 years of these items. I hope you appreciate the info and pass on the link to this site to fellow collectors! If you sign my Guest Book I will feel appreciated and will be inspired to make even more articles!
These pages were last maintained 23 December 2023

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