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This page displays more pictures of the items that you found on the previous page. 

If you need more "pictorial evidence" shoot me an email!

Rangefinder binoculars for the Em4mR40 Rangefinder. Maker marked blc for the manufacturer Carl Zeiss, Jena; Beob. abbreviation for Beobachter (Observation) F 12X60 für Em4mR40 = Entfernungsmesser mit 4m-Basis (for R40 rangefinder with 4 meter base). Nice original example of this sighting device used on top of the German R40 4m stereoscopic rangefinder. The rubber caps (eye-protection) can be folded away upwards or sideways. The eye piece Interpupillary distance is adjustable. It has 3 filters (Farbglaser); bright, medium and dark. Optics are  $ 700,-
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