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The only documented post war army using the Panzerschreck was Finland. This use is thoroughly described on the page about Foreign use 

But the Panzerschreck was also used as a film-prop and appears in several movies. And not only war-movies.

These pictures are taken from the 1970’s film “Help”, featuring the Beatles. The Panzerschreck is clearly repainted a dark army green and it is used to fire a pyrotechnical device that gives a puff of smoke.  Film is available on Youtube, but is NOT worth seeing.

The Tank Brigade, a Czechoslovak movie from 1955. Note the back-to-front shield with the fingerguard installed.

The equipment used in "The Tank Brigade" was reported as "all original".

A scene from “Saving Private Ryan”
.  All original Panzerschreck, but most probably repainted. Note that the shield has come loose and is twisted.

Other films that show the Panzerschreck are “Commando” and "The Last Escape”.

The “Coneschreck

A mysterious version of the Panzerschreck can be found among the examples that made it to the UK, and eventually among those sold out of the UK after that. It is the strange Coneschreck (AKA Python Schreck).  The Coneschreck is a standard Panzerschreck with SA markings that has been heavily modified. The front sight and the front part of the trigger guard have been removed and a cone has been welded to the front end of the launcher tube. 

My research concludes that this model is unknown in Finland and in the USA. If we look at the Coneschreck from a practical point of view it will fall short on all the modifications.

-The Germans actually tried to fit a cone to the front end of the tube, but the conclusion from the test report was that it didn’t help to disperse the back blast from the rocket, but added to the recoil.  So the idea was dropped...

-The removal of the finger guard will help very little on the total weight, but will make the firing system more prone to be damaged and the weapon harder to handle.

-The removed front sight will make the weapon impossible to use, as there is no way to aim it.

Most likely, these are all film props and the modifications have been done in order to make the weapon look like the US Superbazooka, which sport the same features. What is bloody strange is the fact that so far at least 5 examples are known to exist.  (How many Superbazookas does one film need?.).

The Coneschreck used in Television.
This is a scene from Monthy Phyton’s sketch “Secret Service dentist”.  Available on Youtube, and well worth watching. The Coneschreck have all the listed features. Note the SA stamp on the launch tube over trigger. The shield has been mounted in a way that makes it impossible to aim through the window. But that doesn’t really matter, since the front sight is missing, and sighting would be impossible anyway.  The reason it was mounted like this is most probably because it distributes the weight better this way, it doesn't hide Terry Jones that much and it will also look better on film (more “even”). 

The conclusion in regards to the Coneschreck is that it most probably is a UK rebuilt film-prop, made to be used as a Superbazooka. In what numbers (and for which film) is unclear. Thanks to John in the UK and Jarrko in Finland for help with the field research.

The Interarms link
The complete Finish stock was bought by International Armament Corporation (also known as Interarms or Interarmco) and was imported into the USA in the early 1960’s.  A part of the export apparently ended up in their warehouse in Manchester, England. The fate of the ammunition is unknown today, but it was most probably destroyed in Finland.  This export/import of the Panzerschrecks has turned the market upside-down. It is today close to impossible to find a Panzerschreck in good condition in Europe, while they are in plenty in the USA. Almost without exception they will still carry the property markings of the Suomen Armeijan, with the letters SA inside a square painted on both the tube and shield. Interarms imported the Panzerschrecks to the US, but they were distributed and sold by a number of merchants and companies all over the USA.

The ad above was featured in "Guns" March 1962. The price was a staggering $ 18.88,- with another $ 5,- for a "handselected model with sling". 

Seaport in California placed this ad in "Guns" in May 1962. Although they raised the price to $ 19.95,- their Panzerschreck included the shield. "Make terrific souvenir for club or den".

In June 1962 Service armament co raised the stakes even further for the best deal ever. For $ 19.95 you got the weapon with shield and manual (they forgot to inform the potential buyer that the manual was in Finish though). Their "punchline" was also the best: "Obliterate MICE to MASTADONS".

Other areas it shows up

The Panzerschreck is now also a video-game star. Some games keep the true functionality of the weapon, while other games give it super-powers.  It can be tried and fired in most versions of “Call of duty” and “Medal of honour”. Note the relatively correct grenades in the lower right corner as indicators of remaining ammunition available.

Even the Lego builders have their version of the Panzerschreck and the 3-rocket pack board frame.

The last post-war “user-group” is the re-enactors. Some use ex-Finnish original Panzerschrecks, and some use modern made copies. The original Panzerschrecks has been rigged with quick attachment wiring systems etc. to enable Pyrotechnics to be used as realistic as possible when live performances are being conducted.

Home-made Panzerschrecks used for reenactment

The new-made replicas are not a pretty sight (most of the time). The one above being one of the better ones. It has re-used an original shield, while the rest is scrap-metal, put together. 

It appears that it even is a market for these things.

A recent copy, complete with shield and rocket, for sale on Ebay

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