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German cross  MP38. u. 40 items currently for sale  German cross

Here is a list of spare parts for the MP38. u. 40 that I am currently offering for sale. All parts are original WW2 German production unless something else is stated. Some of these parts have seen previous use and have a serial number, while other parts are mint, unused Waffenmeister Ersatzteile. Most parts (where appropriate) have a WaA. Most parts available in numbers, just ask. 

I have a minimum order of $ 30.

You can place your order by sending me an email


Updated 04 December 2022

Paypal accepted, no fees. Postage at cost. You can send me an email from this page!


Sight & Muzzle end parts.

Sight hood, first model.  $ 250,-

Sight hood, second model.  $ 250,-

Barrel resting bars.

Barrel fixtures.

Rear sight

Wear & tear parts

Trigger & sear assembly

Screws & pins

Lower receiver parts.

Bolt parts

Foldable stock parts.

Magazine housing parts.

Trigger parts.

Assorted parts for the recoil buffer system.

Parts for the magazine.

Grip parts


Demilled barrel, postwar

Demilled barrel

Grip frame, late style

Grip frame, early style

MP38 grips
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